How to Become a Computer Security Specialist?

If you are considering becoming a computer security specialist then there are lots of things that should be kept in mind. There are several career sources that will provide you with necessary information on the ways of becoming an expert on computer security. With the advancement of computer technology, security has become an important concern. Nowadays, trained professionals are needed for planning, organizing and employing systems of information security. The specialists of computer security are responsible for maintaining the security systems of various organizations and companies. They help the organizations and companies in maintaining and supervising access to the computer networks. They also ensure that the computer information which is stored in the network is perfectly protected.

A computer security specialist should be capable of

  • ·         Installing and maintaining security program.
  • ·         Monitoring networks to address the security concerns
  • ·         Responding to cyber attacks and the security breaches

The security specialists also employ the access controls of applications for restricting any kind of unauthorized access. Essential programs are also set up by the security experts for detecting the hackers and denying system access to them. A computer security expert can also educate the normal users about information and data security. Some of these specialists collect evidence and information that can be used in the investigation of cyber crimes. They may work together with the computer forensic investigators in different campaigns.


If you are planning to become a computer security specialist then it is important to know the type of training that is required. For becoming a computer security professional you should at least possess bachelor degree in any subject related to computer science. In general, the potential computer security experts complete different types of courses in computer programming, information systems, security procedures, online operations and risk management. Training is provided by many employers for allowing the new security specialists in gaining professional certifications that are quite essential in this field. Overall, to become a computer security expert you need to complete regular education along with the required training. The skills should be kept updated for dealing with all the security concerns.


There are some important functions that you must keep in mind while entering the field of computer security.

  • ·         Planning, coordination and implementation of the security systems of an organization
  • ·         Protection of important electronic infrastructure as well as computer networks
  • ·         Educating employees including the network users about security of computers
  • ·         Installation of the security programs
  • ·         Monitoring of the networks to check the security breaches
  • ·         Responding in the right manner to the cyber threats
  • ·         Collection of evidence and information that is important to keep the computers secured

The employment of computer security specialist professionals is expected to grow at a fast rate in the next few years. This can be due to different factors such as the increased interest of businesses to safeguard their systems and information. With increasing exchange of different types of electronic data throughout the world computer security has become extremely important.

Therefore, computer security specialist is definitely a potential career that you can go for.    

Cloud Computing Attacks

Cloud computing refers to the computing, provides various services, to share software, information and resources across the network rather than treating as a product. Typically, it entitles the computation, services with data and centralized over a network. Lots of software overlap to act as a service in cloud computing. Users access the cloud based applications via a user web browser however a commercial software and data are saved on remote servers. Rather than the locally installed software, cloud applications provide the better services. A cloud service has three different features that differentiate it from usual hosting.

  • It is provided on claim. Generally, it is provided for few minutes or an hour. It is flexible, elastic and a user can have a much or little of it as he wants at any time.
  • Cloud computing is completely managed by the provider and user doesn’t need to do anything. Cost effectiveness, high speed Internet and intense innovations in virtualization and distribution, have raised the interest in cloud computing.
  • A cloud offers both private and public services. Public cloud offers services to everyone on the Internet on the other side a private cloud is a centralized data network that offers host services to a limited number of users.

Apart from many advantages, a cloud computing brings, when we look at its security, especially huge data storage, it exposes a much complex picture.

The missing cloud computing security: The cloud computing is a shared service. A cloud provider is amenablefor protecting the centralized data premises, the server operating system and it is the responsibility of a cloud user to secure the server OS and application level. A spike in cloud attacks doesn’t show a single symbol of abating, spawning and obligations that these are tapping the cloud resources to perform their illegal activities. According to Cisco and other researches, the destructions are performed using techniques that interpret themselves that the attackers are tracking the host resources to make their work more effective. The attackers are using brute techniques to crack the passwords, showing they can bring cheap and easily available cloud computing. The attacks are occurred at any time but it is hard to clarify that whether the cloud resources are involved in it or not. 

Cloud computing safety solutions:

IT companies need to collaborate to figure out the safety issues to rejuvenate the confidence of data storage in cloud computing as a lot of software and data are stored on the servers and accessed by Internet, especially in the commercial place where market size is unexpectedly large. Security is a big issue now as hackers tapped into Sony networks and tracked the data of more than one million users, the latest news update 

Cloud solutions are the economically feasible options for various corporations, although security and privacy concerns are rising over its services. Broadband testing, lab test, dimensional solution revealed that security of virtualized centralized data and cloud computing is possible and gaugeable. HP TippingPoint’s Secure Virtualization Framework solution is capable to protect the virtual data, restricting all types of attacks.

The importance of computer encryption for computer security

There are millions across the globe using the World Wide Web on a regular basis. With the development of the internet, E-commerce too developed by many folds. Hence, lately there is a lot of private information such as the social security number, credit card number; other personal details are shared on the World Wide Web. The content we share is safe online with the mechanism of computer encryption done by the website companies.Without computer encryption; the private information shared online could be hacked and misused.

Encryption is a technique of converting a given program into a language which cannot be understood by anyone apart from those possessing the key to the program. This can be done with those who have specialized knowlege about computer encryption. The program once it’s encrypted can be decrypted back to the normal program, with the help of the key. Algorithms are mainly used for computer encryption. For example, in a binary language, the multiples of two are used. Similarly in encryption, the algorithm coverts the data into numbers and a pattern is allotted for the numbers to make sense.

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This technique of programming security is of two types: -

  • Symmetric key Encryption – This is a type of computer encryption which involves sophisticated algorithms which is used to protect information in the computer. In this type of encryption, each peice of information is given 256 different codes on the guidelines of advanced encryption standards. This form of encryption makes it very difficult for the computer hackers to decrypt the information.
  • Public Key encryption – This type of computer encryption is used, when particular information needs to be transmitted from one computer to another. In this form of encryption, two keys are used for successful transfer of data. The first type of key which is used by the indivisual computer. Once the data is encrypted by the computer, it is transitted to other computer using the second public key. The computer that recieves the information first using the public key would decipher the information and then uses its own key for decryption.

These are a few types of encryption that is used for computer security. This encryption mechanism is widely used in different methods. The quantity of the information transfer would decide the type of encryption method used. In case of web server, which recieves huge web traffic should ensure utmost security of the websites from being hacked? In these cases, encryption protocols are developed for network security. Secure Sockets Layer is one such network protocol which is developed to secure the information that is passed between the web servers and browsers. The information that is passed here is in its encrypted form.

The browser uses the SSL network encryption to encrypt the payment information, when a payment is made online. Digital certificates are used for a much safer online transaction. The use of digital certificates provides identities to each indivisual computer and also verfies the same during the transfer of encyrpted data. Hence, computer encryption plays a vital role in computer related security.  

Things to know about computer security

In the present age, the exchange of confidencial information from one network server to another has increased drastically. Hence, for security purposes the transactions needs to be done on a secured platform. A set of programs or mechanisms which aim towards providing security to the network from malacious softwares is known as network security or computer security. The presence of vulnerabilities in programs and attacks from unauthroized sources to gain access to the networks of a server happens on a regular basis. Hence, an organisation which maintains its confidencial data in a server should be aware about the various types of malacious softwares and its behaviors. This helps in maintiaining a better security.

There are different types of malacious softwares which pose threats to the computer security. They are as mentioned below: -

Malwares are malacious softwares. These are programs which are designed with an intention to gain an access to the information present in the server. These programs disrupt the computer operations and gain unofficial access to the information for destructive purposes. Malware is basically a common term which also includes computer viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan horses and other destructive softwares.

Virus is the most commonly found and the one of the most destructive softwares which poses a threat to the computer security. Virus is basically a computer program which is designed to replicate and to move from one computer to another. Each type of virus is designed to behave in a certain manner. To counter these malacious softwares, there are antivirus programs created by many companies. Using these antivirus programs, the working of the viruses can be stopped. The antivirus softwares needs to be updated on a regular basis, so that they can accurately define the virus and hence offer better computer security.

Adwares and spywares are other types of malacious softwares. Adwares are those programs, which are automatically downloaded on to your computer with the help of freewares or other programmes present online. These Adware programs hijack your computer and would display ads on the computer even though you do not wish to see the ads. In the process of collection of information by adware, some of your personal information stored on the computer could be tampered. Spyware programs are programs designed on similar lines to adwares. These programs can be countered successfully by following a few precautions. One should avoid the entry into unknown or suspicious websites on the World Wide Web and the computer should be secured with the latest anti-malware software.

Trojans and worms are other highly destructive malacious softwares, which are commonly spread through freewares on the internet. The Trojan horse could seem as a friendly program at first, but would start its operations in the background after its entry into the system. Most of the antivirus softwares fail to define a Trojan horse. Similarly, computer worms are replicating computer programs which pose a great threat to the network systems. Keeping the system updated with the latest security patches helps in avoiding these malacious softwares in your computer.    

Hence, with the use of the right computer security, these malacious softwares can be successfully removed from the computer.



Cloud security and how it is essential to get a dynamic flow of cloud computing

Technologies, control and policies adopted to protect data, associated applications and infrastructure of cloud computing is referred to as cloud computing security or cloud security more precisely.  It is a sub-domain of network securities, computer security or information security that is ever evolving. However, it should not be confused with “cloud-based” security software that are offered through cloud computing.

Security issues allied with cloud computing

They can be categorized broadly into two segments:

  • ·         Security issues that the cloud providing organizations cater to
  • ·         Security issues that the customer faced while doing cloud computing
  • ·         It is important that the software infrastructure provided is secure enough to provide their all round protection to their client’s data and applications
  • ·         It is also important that the client must ensure that the cloud security measure adopted by the provider is good enough to protect their information

As virtualization is used extensively to implement cloud infrastructure so does it brings unique modes of security concerns for the clients or tenants of public cloud computing service. Through virtualization the relationship between the underlying hardware and the Operating system can be altered at every mode of computing, networking or store.  Thus a new layer is added to the mode of computing, virtualization in which computing at a cloud scale can be managed, configured and most important can be secured. Through specific concerns, virtualizations can also be compromised. These aspects are discussed theoretically and thus can also exist.

The cloud security system that is implemented should be properly controlled so that the system’s vulnerability, threat, risk can be accessed through the matrices. The concerns that surround cloud computing can be essentially grouped into many dimensions.  The three general areas in which the dimensions can be distributed are:

  • ·         Privacy and Security
  • ·         Contractual issues
  • ·         Compliance

Security and privacy issues and its determinants:

  • ·         Data should be properly segregated and stored from another when it is at rest and most is proficient in moving from one location to another. Data leak is also prevented.
  • ·         Having the equipment offsite and under someone else’s control is not better than physical control over the cloud computing component.
  • ·         The SSO technology is used to have the computer register its identity into their infrastructure.
  • ·         For personal and physical cloud security providers are ensured with relevant customer data whose access is documented.
  • ·         Predictable and regular access to data and application is monitored and registered through this device.
  • ·         E-Discovery contacts should be carefully managed and customized as well as per the legal issues and related laws that may vary from one person to another.

Through regular trails and reporting cloud security can be recorded. It is something that is necessary for every operator using cloud computing. Security is a major concern among computer operators invested with networking. However, it is important that proper security applications are implemented that takes care of the cloud computing device from suspicious malwares. It is important that a proper cloud security device takes care of all such issues with cloud computing that is evolving as a service more than a product for computer exponents.







Use the best and a reliable Firewall to keep your system secured

Hope every computer technical users will know about firewall security and its usage in computer protection. However, it is a must knowledge required for all the internet users and home personal computer users. Apart from them, every modern world person is supposed to know the importance of protecting the system form malware, spyware virus and other exploits. Firewall is one of the most important products used to guard the system from external exploits and also maintain the speed of computer internet connected to your system. Hence, it is required to secure your PC from all the internet threats. It is application software of computers which continuously are in close circuit of all the network traffic. It keeps the users alerted and even prevents system from any irregular activities of network access, or any unauthorized access of any websites. In other words, it works similar to your guard but keeping your system under continuous surveillance without allowing any exchange of date from the system without the permission of the user.

It is very common issue nowadays that the computer users face the speed of internet is slowing down over a period of time even after every new installation of explorer. The main reason being several application software installation in the system based on your requirement or even the computer infestation by virus. When we look into details of how several application installations on the system slow down the computer speed; all these applications will continuously look out for the software updates from their vendors through internet. All your browsing habits and other most commonly preferred sites are all informed to the concerned sites by the icons installed on many unwanted toolbars on the browser and other screen savers installed. The most important note here is, if at all your system is affected by serious virus, then there are lot of chances that it access several internet sites without the knowledge of firewall behind them. Hence, your system may run very slow.

If there are several applications installed or even when you get lot of unwanted pop ups from unwanted software vendors then this can be resolved by just configuring the firewall properly on the system. However, if your browser is very slow because of computer infestation, then you should undertake and upgrade the latest software of antivirus and make your system virus proof. You can find several antivirus firewall software applications available in internet, however the main difficult task is to select and install the best of all. There are PC security complete kits available from many vendors. When you opt for these, you will get firewall software as well as an inbuilt application for free of cost. The recommended phrase to find the best of the entire antivirus software product is “downloads windows firewall application software for free” in Google search.

When there is a good firewall installed on the system, then there is not much of tension of the external sites that are trying to access your system. It is because; you will be notified each time when the browser tries to access external sites. Thus, you can opt for installing the software and their updates or just deny them, if not required.

Know everything about cloud computing applications


Cloud computing applications are basically being used to maintain data and applications which make use of internet and central remote servers. It allows the customers and businesses to use various applications without any need for installation. This therefore allows accessing their personal files at any computer through internet. This offers excellent service as it is very much efficient with regards to the centralization of the storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

Best features to know about

  • To understand the concept of cloud computing applications one has to study certain examples. This type is best exemplified by yahoo email, Gmail or Hotmail.
  • This type of application easily opens through internet access and is not specific to any computer.
  •  There is no need to install any software or anything; all you need to do is have an online account with the official website.
  • Almost every person has a personalized email address. This helps you be in contact with the entire world in no time. Every message can reach in any part of the world in fraction of second depending on internet speed.
  • The best part is that these applications do not cost any extra pennies. All you need to do is pay your internet rental and if you have good internet connection then these applications can be easily made available free of cost.
  • Cloud is nothing but refers to the internet which is actually the connecting medium.

Various companies launch independent software application that anyone can login and are rarely paid ones. Especially these days the social networking websites are very much popular which allows a much friendlier world.

Cloud computing applications basically consists of storage and connectivity apart from the applications. It is highly essential that one must have internet connectivity so that one can access these website applications with no issues. There are various computing models available in the world like community cloud, public cloud and they each have their own significance. Community cloud refers to a shared infrastructure within numerous organizations belonging to specific community. Public cloud refers to the applications where a group of organizations has similar requirements and would therefore look for sharing a single common infrastructure. It is considered to be more economical than the community cloud applications. There are number of reasons for this type of cloud computing applications being favored by many software and internet service providing services. Overall, IT industry is affected largely by the existence of this novel service application. These applications are being used worldwide and they allow easy maintenance of website software applications. They, being efficiently user friendly keep adding to their popularity.

Technology is no doubt growing at tremendous speed and new additions in technology keeps coming up. Similar is the situation with this type of application. People use them day in and day out but very few would know technically what these applications are and how they are made available. The only reason is that they are very easy to use and it is the most important reason for the popularity of cloud computing applications.

Kaspersky need your help to decrypt Gauss Payload

You probably heard about Gauss and Flame the new malware that looks like a new type of super malware. There are still unsolved question about those malware, and till today there is no full information about them.

Recently Kaspersky post in there blog that they are searching for peoples that familiar with cryptography, mathematics and/or hashing algorithm to join them and combine forces to try and solve the mystery and extracting the hidden payload from the Gauss malware.

If you are into cryptography and/or mathematics, and you want to help Kaspersky or you know someone that in this field, and might want to try his power in getting into the head of malware writer keep on to the below link and contact them to help (instruction in Kaspersky blog – the below link).

Link: The Mystery of the Encrypted Gauss Payload

Hardware Security Is Equally Important Like The Software Security

Though the software is very necessary for us the hardware also play an integral role for maintaining in the software. If the hardware is not there then we cannot store the software and also cannot get in contact through the internet. The settings of the hardware will keep the software intact. We can store many things in the hardware memory space. More than the software the hardware needs security as the software cannot be accessed without getting into the hardware. So we have to give the security to the hardware. The password has to be put to the computer so that no one will operate it without your permission.


The attack of the virus, worms, trojans, malware and spy ware will affect the computer software to a large extent. Sometimes they will attack the hardware operation also, this is so bad that we have to throw the computer as it will be of no use. The virus has become the biggest threat to the computers. So whether it s a house computer or the company computer they have to be protected by the antivirus software. The hardware has to be protected by giving a uniform voltage to the power supply. The monitor also has to be protected so that any harmful agents will not break it.


The internet and the computer has become an integral part of everyone’s life. We cannot imagine a life how to do many things without a computer. From a child to an old man the computer is very essential. When we buy the computer we are buying the hardware part of it. Then we will feed much software according to our requirement. This will make the computer complete. The companies will feed the data bases required for the company. The hardware with the software is used for maintaining the files and also to keep in touch with the customers and the manufacturers.


These days the friends and the family members are coming in contact the help of the internet. They will talk in the video chat, where they come face to face. This will bring them close rather then in telephone or letters. Thus computer has become very necessary for the people who live far away in places where travel is not very easy. Traveling to talk so much is not very necessary. We can talk for free on the internet through the computer.


The hardware and he software are the two essential parts of the computer which keep it running. Without the hardware the software is useless and without the software the hardware is useless. So both of them go hand in had for giving us service for all our daily activities. The computer has to be protected with the password so that it is not operated without your permission. The ports should be kept covered so that anyone will to misuse it and create great problems in working of the computer. The antivirus software indirectly protects the hardware of the computer.



Sometimes Rootkits Cannot Be Detected By the AntiVirus Software

The computer has to have security for the smooth operation. There are many virus which will cross the anti virus software to reach the computer to further start their problems. The root kit hunter is mainly to hunt for the root kits in the computer. These things get into the computer to steal the personal data from the computer to misuse thee information. The credit card details and the other personal details will steal your nights if stolen. So it is better to install a security network to get rid of any type of virus. The mod security installation the virtual crimes are totally eradicated.


If the web servers have introduced any types of root kits into the computer then the anti virus software which will take away the root kits ad many other virus which will help the computer to work in a very useful manner. The viral attacks will take time and energy to get it repaired. So it is always better to get the anti virus installed to get rid of such problems. If you are using many types of security for getting rid of virus then the root kit hunter also will help in rectifying the problems which is created by the root kits.


Virus is the bad part of the internet. When you are using the internet we have to b e always aware about virus. If there is any change then you have to call a computer specialist to get the fault repaired. As many anti virus software are there, so many problems are there in the viral attacks. We have to always update the anti viral software other wise there will be further problems. The computer is a very sensitive machine which will get affected by a slight problem. Try to get rid of such problems as soon as it is detected.


The computer users will have to work in the computer for their living and for the company. If a problem appears suddenly then we have to get it rectified or else the problem will get multiplied. Virus and the root kits will create problems which may affect the hardware also. The only solution for such problems is to just get the computer de viralized. But prevention is always better than cure. So it is better to install an anti virus software rather than sitting and brooding what to do. Security for the computer is very important as they will create further problems.


If the company is fully depending on the computer and the network for its every day necessities then we should not take a chance for putting an anti virus software before the computer will get affected by the virus. The root kits, virus and many other things can be eradicated by just installing the anti virus software. If the root kit hunter is installed it will surely detect the root kits and take necessary action. If the root kits are left in the computer for a long time then the information from the computer may flow out to many sources which may prove dangerous.


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