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  We see great technology companies being built around the world and believe that a market leader can emerge from just about anywhere. The talent and creativity we see globally is astounding. We work with US, European and Turkish based entrepreneurs looking to scale their business into MENA region.  SecureCave leads Series A rounds and later but also invests earlier in segments where there is meaningful opportunity to build a great company.



  Our consultants has founded several leading Fortune 500 ICT vendors alliances and partnerships in MENA region through C-Class partners in countries with an accelerated revenue plan based on a stable year on year growth. If you are intending to expand operations or accelerate your growth plan in corporate / retail, then you have reached to the right alliance partner.



  With growing risks of cyber attacks and data breaches, it is important to know your business has the right cyber defense in place to reduce the risk of becoming a target and protect your business continuity. Our Cyber Security Consultancy practice provides a range of services to measure, manage and control Cyber Risk Pillars within your organization at PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY levels.

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