Protection Starts with People. Prevent, Defend Against Cyber Attacks

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  The human element of cyber security is often the most difficult for organizations to control. Organizations can spend millions of dollars to secure their technical infrastructure, but one employee could compromise the network with a simple click of a malicious link. SECURE CAVE Cybersecurity Awareness Qatar guides organizations through the process of reducing these risks by assessing their employees’ overall awareness of cyber security best practices through a holistic day-to-day 360 bootcamp and transform information security to become a lifestyle for better protection of their organization’s data.  


Policies and procedures are the backbone of every organization. They serve as a guide for your employees and outline how information is to be exchanged, stored, and secured. Without comprehensive policies and procedures, employees are left to guess how to respond in various scenarios, which can often leave data exposed. SECURE CAVE assists organizations in assessing their current documentation and developing policies where needed to ensure that our clients are properly protecting their data.  


Technology is a vital component of an organization’s cyber security approach, and it should be an enabler and a protector of assets. From traditional technology such as firewall filters and network segmentation, to emerging technologies, there are a variety of technical ways to reduce the risk and impact of a breach. SECURE CAVE’ information security analysts and engineers are experts in assessing and remediating network vulnerabilities to build a strong network infrastructure.