Prevent, Detect, Respond To, and Predict Cyberattacks

Solutions Powered by the Securecave MSSP Counter Threat Platform

Behind everything we do is the advanced data analytics and insight engine we call the Securecave MSSP Counter Threat Platform. Intelligence derived from the Counter Threat Platform is used by the very researchers, security analysts, security consultants and incident responders who help our clients every day.



  • Security & Risk Consulting 
  • Information Security Policy
  • Enterprise Venerability Assessment 
  • Cyber Security Forensics & Investigation


  • Information Security Awareness Bootcamp for Enterprises and C-Level
  • Compliance and Privacy
  • Cyber Defense and Military Operations 


  • Managed Security Monitoring
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence & hunting
  • Incident Response Management
  • Random Phishing & Attack Services