social responsibilities


We maintain continuous society and organizations update with potential cyber threats and intelligence, while hunting local cyber power talents for national cyber defence empowerment.


Our Enterprise Experts are Ethical hackers by nature, they walk-into schools and universities for educating teenagers and adults about latest Cyber awareness key messages using friendly methodologies in order to safe-guard them from potential victims and Cyber Bullying


Qatar is under a cyber attack since May 2017, therefore beside securing government and organizations, we have decided to take the lead and conducted several workshops in-coordination with Ministry of Culture and Youth early June 2017 for famous media, social media and journalists so they can deliver their jobs securely and smoothly. 

Community Awareness

Our researchers keeps the social community up-to-date with Cyber reports via different media channels (Social Media, Newspapers, TV Shows) increasing security sense from predicted attacks


We leverage digital society for enabling youth refugees working remotely in order to maintain children happiness continuity.  Our recent program was executed in Istanbul in coordination with official NGOs